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At the US-NYS Chaplain Response Team, Inc., we are committed to providing a wide range of vital services to our communities and organizations across the United States. Our dedicated team of chaplains, comprised of clergy members and lay leaders, is trained and equipped to offer spiritual care, support, and guidance in various settings and situations. Explore our comprehensive services:

No.Service NameWhat We Do
1Chaplain TrainingWe train community leaders to help people during tough times.
2Spiritual Care ProgramsWe work with care centers and businesses to offer emotional and spiritual help.
324/7 Emergency CareOur chaplains are always ready to offer support during emergencies.
4Disaster Response TeamOur team helps people who are affected by disasters.
5Support for First RespondersWe give support to the people who keep our community safe.
6Workplace ChaplainsWe have chaplains in workplaces to listen and offer guidance.
7Life Event ServicesOur chaplains can lead weddings and funerals in a way that respects your beliefs.
8Life-Saving Skills TrainingWe teach important emergency health skills like CPR and First Aid.
9Youth MentorshipWe help young people who are facing challenges to grow in a positive direction.
10Community & Veteran SupportWe are involved in activities that help the community and show our respect for veterans.
11Prison MinistriesWe offer hope and new beginnings to people in prison.

At the US-NYS Chaplain Response Team, Inc., our diverse range of services is a testament to our dedication to serving individuals, communities, and organizations across the nation. We believe that by offering spiritual care, support, and guidance, we can contribute to a stronger, more resilient America.

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