Rules and Regulations

US-NYSCRT – Rules and Regulations

Important Notice: This list outlines the Rules and Regulations that each candidate agrees to upon registration. Please note that this list supersedes any other written list, and it is subject to change. It is the responsibility of every member, as stipulated in your “Welcome” email, to visit this website and check for updates at least once a week.

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  1. Compliance with Organization Rules:
    • Adhere to all organization rules and regulations, whether they are communicated in writing or verbally.
  2. Compliance with Institution Rules:
    • Comply with the rules and regulations of both private and public institutions where you provide chaplaincy services, whether communicated in writing or verbally.
  3. Insubordination:
    • Insubordination in any capacity will not be tolerated and may lead to immediate dismissal.
  4. Behavior Expectations:
    • Conduct yourself in a manner becoming of a chaplain.
    • Avoid negative and offensive attitudes and actions towards individuals, including patients, clients, victims, colleagues, peers, staff, and authorities.
    • Any behavior that contradicts chaplaincy values may result in immediate dismissal.
  5. Responsibility and Clarification:
    • Take responsibility for ensuring clarity.
    • If unsure about something, seek clarification promptly.
  6. Document Ownership:
    • Understand that all signed and completed applications, as well as additional documents submitted in any format, become the property of US-NYSCRT and will not be returned.
    • Upon resignation or dismissal, US-NYSCRT will securely destroy all documents.
  7. Maintain a Positive Reputation:
    • Maintain a good testimony as a chaplain, both in conduct and demeanor.
  8. Proper Use of Credentials:
    • Do not use or carry your credentials if you are undergoing disciplinary action by your ecclesiastic authority.
  9. Reporting Infractions:
    • Notify US-NYSCRT immediately in case of any legal infractions.
  10. Return of Credentials:
    • Understand that all US-NYSCRT credentials, including shields and vehicle identification placards, are the property of US-NYSCRT and must be returned upon dismissal, resignation, or membership expiration.
  11. Activity Reporting:
    • Submit a minimum of one (1) activity report each month unless unforeseen circumstances prevent you from doing so.
  12. Legal Offenses:
    • Be aware that your membership may be revoked if you are found guilty of a legal offense.
  13. Truthfulness:
    • Understand that knowingly providing false information may result in immediate membership revocation.
  14. Credential and Certification Maintenance:
    • Keep your ID cards and First Aid/CPR/AED Certifications up to date.
  15. Proper Identification:
    • Always identify yourself properly to authorities when necessary or when required.
  16. Use of ID Card and Shields:
    • Your ID card may be used independently, but shields must always be accompanied by a valid ID card.
    • Do not display shields on your vehicle dashboard, as it may result in immediate dismissal.
  17. Lost or Stolen Items:
    • Report lost or stolen ID cards, shields, or vehicle identification placards to your local Police Department immediately. Provide US-NYSCRT with a copy of the Police Report as soon as available.
  18. Replacement Fees:
    • Replacement badges are available from US-NYSCRT for a fee of $200 (subject to change).
    • Replacement ID Cards can be obtained from US-NYSCRT for a fee of $45 (subject to change).
  19. Proper Use of Credentials:
    • Do not misuse your credentials or misrepresent yourself, including “flashing” your shield at anyone, especially law enforcement officers.
  20. Media and Official Statements:
    • Do not speak on behalf of the organization to media, press, or officials without prior authorization.
  21. Credential Alterations:
    • Do not alter, change, or replicate your credentials or apparel in any way, and do not use expired credentials.
  22. Improper Use of Credentials:
    • Do not use your credentials to obtain favors, free public transportation, or trespass.
  23. Annual Membership Dues:
    • Annual Membership Dues are $125, which includes a new ID card.
  24. Professional Attire:
    • Dress conservatively when performing chaplaincy duties.
  25. Timely Responses:
    • When asked to respond to a call, notify US-NYSCRT as soon as possible regarding your availability.
  26. Vehicle Identification Placard:
    • Adhere to the guidelines on the back of the vehicle identification placard. Misuse may result in dismissal or a warning.
  27. Use of Lights & Sirens:
    • US-NYSCRT members should not use lights and sirens in their vehicles unless authorized by a police department, fire department, or ambulance corps. This authorization should not be on behalf of US-NYSCRT.
  28. Communication:
    • Establish a conscientious email account and voicemail message.
  29. Familiarity with Creed and Ethics:
    • Memorize the US-NYSCRT Creed, Code of Discipline, and Disaster/Crisis Code of Ethics.
  30. Policies & Procedures:
    • Download and review the US-NYSCRT Policies & Procedures available on our website.
  31. Resolution of Disagreements:
    • Refrain from engaging in any negative discourse or criticism directed towards fellow chaplains or members of our organization. In the event of disagreements between members, we encourage peaceful resolution through direct communication. If assistance is required for mediation, please reach out to your section Commander for support and guidance.
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