Rev. Irma E Guevara

Rev. Irma E Guevara

Rev. Irma E Guevara

Commander, US-NYSCRT

Born on December 15, 1975, in El Salvador, Central America, I embarked on a journey of faith that would shape my life forever. It was on June 20, 1997, that I experienced a profound conversion to Christ, a moment that ignited my passion for serving others in His name.

In 2014, I was ordained into the ministry, marking a significant milestone in my spiritual journey. It was during this time that I also met my beloved husband, Archie Guevara, at the Elohim Church. Since our joyful union in 2008, we have been blessed with four beautiful children who bring immense joy and fulfillment to our lives.

Together with my husband, we have been on a mission to spread the love and teachings of Christ by founding seven churches across different locations. From the vibrant streets of Central Islip to the serene landscapes of Guatemala and the heartland of El Salvador, each church stands as a testament to Pastor Guevara’s vision of creating vibrant, faith-filled communities that touch countless lives.

The journey of establishing these churches has been filled with challenges and blessings. Our first church, the Pentecostal Church Mercy of God, was founded in 2013 at 990 Motor Parkway, Central Islip, NY. Subsequently, we expanded our reach, founding churches in Guatemala in 2015 and in various departments of El Salvador in 2018.

In recent years, our mission has extended even further, with the founding of churches in Bedford, Massachusetts, and Providence, Rhode Island. Each church represents a beacon of hope and compassion, offering God’s grace to those in need.

Churches Founded:
– The first church, founded in 2013, is the Pentecostal Church Mercy of God at 990 Motor Parkway, Central Islip, NY.
– The second church was founded in Guatemala in 2015.
– The third, fourth, and fifth churches were founded in 2018 in El Salvador – in the departments of Morazán, Usulután, and Sonsonate.
– The sixth church was founded in Bedford, Massachusetts, on February 8, 2022.
– The seventh church was founded in Providence, Rhode Island, on February 20.

Currently, I am proud to be a part of the US-NYS Chaplain Response Team, Inc., where I find deep fulfillment and joy in serving God’s work. As a member of this team, I am committed to providing support and guidance to those in crisis, contributing to the greater good of our community and beyond.

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