Rev. Doroteo Guevara

Rev. Doroteo Guevara, Bishop

Rev. Doroteo Guevara, Bishop

Commander, US-NYSCRT

Pastor Doroteo Guevara, Bishop known affectionately as Archie Guevara, embodies a life dedicated to serving God and spreading His message of love and mercy. Born into the Mercy of God Church, located in the vibrant community of Central Islip, NY, Pastor Guevara’s journey began with a profound conversion experience on January 9, 2005. This pivotal moment marked the start of his unwavering commitment to faith and ministry. Fueled by his newfound spiritual fervor, Pastor Guevara wasted no time in pursuing theological education, 4 years of theology studies “Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology” from the Spanish Eastern Bible Institute of the Assemblies of God RAMA Nassau, in October 2005, where he diligently honed his knowledge of scripture and theology, eventually graduating in 2010.
Married to his beloved wife Irma since 2008, Pastor Guevara’s personal and professional life intertwines seamlessly with his mission to spread God’s word. Ordained for full ministry in 2014, Pastor Guevara’s calling expanded beyond the confines of a single church building. Inspired by divine guidance, he embarked on a remarkable journey to establish churches, both locally and abroad. From the bustling streets of Central Islip to the scenic landscapes of Guatemala and the heartland of El Salvador, Pastor Guevara’s vision for building vibrant, faith-filled communities has touched countless lives. As he continues to shepherd his flock and extend God’s grace to those in need, Pastor Guevara finds fulfillment and joy in serving as a beacon of hope and compassion in a world often in need of both.

Currently, we have founded 7 churches:

– The first church, founded in 2013, is the Pentecostal Church Mercy of God at 990 Motor Parkway, Central Islip, NY.
– The second church was founded in Guatemala in 2015.
– The third, fourth, and fifth churches were founded in 2018 in El Salvador – in the departments of Morazán, Usulután, and Sonsonate.
– The sixth church was founded in Bedford, Massachusetts, on February 8, 2022.
– The seventh church was founded in Providence, Rhode Island, in February 2024.

I am currently a part of the US-NYS Chaplain Response Team, Inc., where I am happy and content to be doing God’s work.

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